20 Things in 20 Days: Clue #5

To celebrate the launch of Twenty Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler, I'm blogging clue #5 for the 20 Things in 20 Days Scavenger Hunt. Answer clues and challenges to earn points toward the 20 Things grand prize, including 6 signed books from 2009 debut authors! Get a clue... June 11th-30th at 20 Things in 20 Days!

Today's clue:Twenty Boy Summer takes place during a summer vacation in California with two best friends, Anna and Frankie. For these girls, "summer" means the beach and sunsets and the ocean and heartbreak and San Francisco and summer love. But what does summer mean to you? For 20 Things clue #5, take a picture of "summer" and email it to Sarah Ockler. Yep, this question is vague on purpose! No limits! Be creative and have fun! :-) 3 points. 1 bonus point for super creativity!


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