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My dear friend Vania over at Reverie Media is supremely talented. She is an amazing photographer and had a really good Idea. WHAT IF....She created a book cover and let the audience tell her what the book is about based on what they got from that cover look. I know that I am a true cover hog. It is like that shiny light bug syndrome......I am drawn to it. I will walk into a book store and gravitate to the most awesome cover, mindless of what it is about. I have to hold it, touch it... THEN I read the blurb and that is what finally gets me.

Vania has created this gorgeous cover and has penned it as


So she has asked that you go over to her blog and tell her what you think the book should be based on what you see. This was my take on it. I have this great Idea. This book can be about a girl that falls in love with a fairie prince but, the Fae are at war with the vampires of the land so drama insues...... here goes

When Aegle laid her eyes on Conall she knew that something had changed in her universe. From that moment on she was compelled to follow him
But Conall had enemies--dark ones and they were not going to let him have any happiness
Caught in the middle of their worlds, between Fang and Fae, Aegle will become a pawn and realize that being "in love' is a dangerous place to be

What is your take on the cover and what do you think it should be about? Just click on the book cover and give her your thoughts on it.


  1. awww thanks! BUD!!! :D i am sooo blushing right now!!!

  2. I want that book to be real so much!! Hmmm... do you mind if I write it? =D

  3. Great picture. You have talent, Vania = }.

  4. Love your take on the cover,Ravenous Reader. Looking forward to your book.

  5. Wow, Vania! Seriously, it's genius. She MADE it? i'm totally blown away...

  6. Hey, you got an award at my blog. =D

  7. I think I want to hire this fine designer!



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