Meeting Authors: Lisa McMann

Last night I had the pleasure of meeting Lisa McMann, again, and it was great fun. My partner in book crime (Tricia) drove to El Cerrito and got to listen to Lisa talk about her books (WAKE and FADE) and read a bit from a certain book that she is not supposed to read yet...YEAY!! Then we took some pictures with Lisa and Miss Spoobin all was good.

Disclaimer: no harm was done to Miss Spoobin during the taking of these pictures

YEAY!!! This was the poster that was set up for Lisa's event
My BFF Tricia and partner in (book) crime. Yup she got a hold of Miss Spoobin
Ok, it was my turn to hold Miss Spoobin. I must admit she did look awesome
I, Lisa and Tricia. It was great to see Lisa again and I am now a forever fan.
I wanted to wish Lisa a safe trip and If anyone has pictures of Miss Spoobin then please share them with me. I would love to see where she has been and what new friends she has made.


  1. I loveeeeed meeting Miss Spoobin. I am glad that they let you keep her. I will look forward to seeing her adventures.

  2. Lush Budget! Thanks for the laugh this morning! I love What a Way To Go, and it was such fun to see it referenced! Enjoyed your blog. City of Glass is on back order, and I can't wait to get it!

  3. Yeay!! I have not seen that movie in ages, but it was one of my favs. Shirley Maclaine was a blast to watch. I actually used the term due to my BFF always referring to drama(stories) in her family as a Lush Budget Production... :)

  4. It looks like you had so much fun! That is great!

  5. Miss Spoobin?! Lol so weird/awesome.

  6. hah!! Love the pics:) It had to be surreal meeting them...too bad my town stinks for that type of thing:(

  7. That looked like a fun author appearance!

    I wish Lisa was coming to GA.


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