Winner Winner Chicken Dinner: City of Glass Winners

Well it is time to announce the winners of our week long City of Glass celebration. Vania and I have had alot of fun and would like to continue with contests like this in the future. It was our first joint effort and we want to thank everyone for participating and if your so inclined, please stop by Reverie Media and answer a survey to help us with future projects :)

Thank you for joining us in this City of Glass celebration week :)

So...without further delay here are our winners!!!!

One signed copy of "City of Glass" McCaulieOne
unsigned copy of "City of Glass"LalalandOne
signed copy of "City of Ashes" KatayounOne
copy of Lisa McMann's book "Wake" signed. Bridget 2420
Countless amount of swag. tower of books
Even a $10 Borders gift card.Steph Su

McCalulie,Katayoun, Bridget2420, and Tower of books email me at curlyshoe[at]gmail[dot]com

Lalaland and Steph Su email Vania at vandsmedia[at]gmail[dot]com

Again, I want to thank everyone for participating and wish to see you again for our next contest coming this summer :)

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