Scavenger Hunt: City of Glass Celebration Week

City of Glass by Cassandra Clare is the much awaited book for many and it is so worth the wait. So as part of the City of Glass Celebration week, I am hosting a Scavenger Hunt.

"A Scavenger Hunt?" Yeay!!! Can't you feel the excitement already?

Here are the rules:

1)Look out for posts all week long between Reverie Media's and My blog items.

2)Find 8 items, each item found and recorded is an entry, a special bonus item is worth 2 entries.

3)At the end of the celebration week (Sunday) email me ONCE, with list of all your items and where they were posted to: curlyshoe (at) gmail (dot) com

4)Contest ends at NOON Sunday 3/29/2009

5)The Scavenger Hunt enteries will be combined with the other entries along the week and added into the Grand Prize contest.

So, are you ready for your list of items? remember that you can find them on either mine or Reverie Media's blog. Got your pen and paper? OK!! here goes.

Ohhh did I forget to mention that I was making this into a riddle of sorts...muuuhahahaha (I had to channel Valentine for that evil laugh) I had to be a bit of a challenge, because the prizes are truly awesome. A true fan of the series will know all the clues that the riddle has, because all items are directly related to the Mortal Instrument series. Good Luck!!!

8 items lost that need to be found

hidden among our posts

are you ready to stick around?

one thrives with the moon(1)

while the other dies in the sun(1)

another casts a reflection(1)

isn't this a lot of fun?

This next one can cast a spell(1)

but drink from this one and you will be unwell(1)

and maybe you can use this mark to heal(1)

so that you can cut your enemy with this steel(1)

remember never to drink or eat anything in their land

no matter how tasty, no matter how bland(1)

but if you want something extra

have any question from where this all came about

find the author, be quick before time runs out.(1)


  1. Umm.. your poem is so freakin' cute!!
    I'll never be able to figure it out... but I will try!!

  2. I am just excited y'all are excited!!! Lol.....

    hmmmmmm tricky tricky Nancy!!!

  3. I'm trying to guess some of them, but I think I'm not understanding the poem....*tries anyway*


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