Neil Gaiman contest at the Cupcake Witch

Hiya!! Guess what? Marie from the Cupcake Witch blog is hosting a contest. YEAY!! An amazing contest of which you can win a signed copy of NEVERWHERE by the amazing Neil Gaiman himself. Sounds to good to be true...but true it is. Just hop on over to the Cupcake Witch and follow the rules to the contest. Easy Peasy!! The winner will be notified via a creative VLOG that will rock your socks!!


  1. Neverwhere is actually one of my very favorite books and happily I already have a signed copy. But what a great contest.

  2. I love to play with my photoshop, it is a wicked addictive hobby of mine.

  3. That graphic is amazing!!! Can I post it on my site?
    You are really putting the pressure on with "The winner will be notified via a creative VLOG that will rock your socks!!" Hahah!
    If you win or don't win... I want to send you something for making such a cool post. I'll e-mail you a list of ARCs to choose from later on today :)

  4. Aww..thank you Marie. I just don't know why but when I think of Cupcake Witch..that is the image I get in my head. So I could not resist. You are more than welcome to use it. I am seeing more and more blogs use VLOG posts and I really enjoy them.


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