Harlequin Teen Panel

Harlequin is set to broaden its presence in the young adult market. Harlequin Teen, a fiction line, debuts in August with Rachel Vincent’s My Soul to Take, the first installment of the Soul Screamers series. Another paranormal tale, Intertwined by Gena Showalter, is rolling off press in September. The imprint will initially consist of trade paperbacks, hardcovers and digital publications, and it will encompass a spectrum of genres including fantasy, contemporary, historical, science fiction and—no surprise—romance.This is perfect for both aspiring and published YA authors

Intertwined was my first WOW and I am soo excited to finally see the cover.....YES!!! I want to thank Katiebabs at Babbling about Books blog for this new info. Be on the look out this summer for my interview with Rachel Vincent and her new YA series ;)


  1. How incredible is this. Thanks 4 the info.

  2. You have an award waiting for you at my blog!

  3. I am very excited. I love reading Harlequin books so I am glad that they are creating a more teen-friendly line. And I am loving the cover for Intertwined!

  4. I love Showalter and will be in line to grab me a copy. :)

    Also, you have an award here.


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