A Fabulous Award!

THANK YOU so much to THE STORY SIREN for bestowing me with the fabulous nomination. This is such a great honor, because I just began my book blog this year and I was stunned speechless left bit teary eyed because I find Kristi's blog to be one of the best book blogs around. She is always classy, full of the best book information and ever willing to share with other bloggers the best blog tips around. Again, thank you :)

Here are the rules:

List five things you are obsessed with/addicted to and then nominate five other fabulous blogs to pass on this award on to!

1. My dear Ipod I take it with me everywhere. On it I have my favorite show Pushing Daisies. My favorite tunes...all 2,000+ of them and my vast audiobook collection (I have a long work commute).

2. I love my Camera and photo taking is one of my favorite hobbies. I always have my cybershot with me and my Nikon D80 is around when I want to have some amazing shots. My poor flickr account is overloaded with all the pictures I have. My favorite subject to take pictures of besides celebs is graveyards.

3. My computer, I am on Lola (yes I nicknamed her Lola) every day. I have taken my lappy with me everywhere. She has traveled with me to many countries and recorded my adventures. Inside it houses my love of music and photography and audiobooks...and it is where all the blog magic happens.

4. My photoshop program...I just love it. I am pretty new to it and could really benefit from a class or two, but I just love the things I can do with it. No more red eye or fat tummy. My photoshop lets me express my crazy expressive side and the possiblities are never ending.

5. Traveling. I love to travel everywhere. To visit friends, family....to go to a premiere, an award show. Visit an author....you name it, than I probably have traveled to it. Next year is Japan

I believe that my love of book is quite evident so there was no need to mention it :)

Here are my nominations

1. Angela of TheBookBind
2. Linda of the Optimistic Pessimist
3. Marie of the Cupcake Witch
4. Vania and Sarah of Reverie Media
5. Hope of Hope's Bookshelf

I adore all of these blogs and visit them all on a regular basis and you should too :)


  1. OMG!!!! you rock my socks! Thanks so much. I'm speechless!!!!

  2. I love traveling, too! Oooh....Japan sounds so amazing, I hope you love it!

  3. Wow this has just made my day!! Thanks so much.
    I am honored. I am new to the world of bloging. I am having so much fun, checking out all the wonderful book blog's. Thank you Ravenous Reader for all your help and info you provide.

  4. Oh, I've just seen this - but what can I say but thank you thank you thank you. You have made my day, week, month. And you know how much I enjoy reading both your blog and your comments. We must get together sometime soon - lunch or drinks. And thank you again


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