Cassandra Clare at City of Glass Debut Book Signing

Hellllllllooo!! Everyone!! I have some goodies to share with you. Yesterday my dear friend and blogging buddie Linda aka The Optimistic Pessimist went to see Cassandra Clare in Exton, PA and she said I could share her pictures of the event.

Cassandra is chatting it up with fans. I love it when an author takes the time to chat it up with fans :)

A Border's employee went dresses as Sebastian (Booo Hissss) but he did look amazing
More of Cassandra meeting fans :)
Cassandra is giving a reading from City of Glass
CUPCAKES...CUPCAKES...CUPCAKES. Look at all the goodies. YUM!!!
Michelle, a YA specialist and blogger

Soo, who is going to see Cassandra Clare during the City of Glass book signings? Or is going to buy City of Glass? If you are, then Vania and I would love for you to show us your love. If you do then you will get some extra entries towards our grand prize drawing :)
Here is what you can do:
1) If you go to a signing then send us a link to your pictures (+5 entries)
2) If you purchase the book, then show us a picture of you loving your City of Glass book (nothing naughty) LOL! (+5 entries)
Alright, so come and show us your love!!


  1. Thank you again my friend! You always share your book love. I am just now waking up... yesterday was such a long (but wonderful) day.

  2. Those pictures are so exiting!
    I got it off amazon, I'm going to see though if I can get any of my friends to trek to Toronto with me when she and Holly Black come!

  3. Sadly I will not be going to a book signing. There isn't one near enough that my parents would let me go to. =[

  4. Cupcakes! Yum!

    I won't be going to a book siging either. All of them are too far away...


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