Author Tours: Melissa Marr

One of my favorite authors Melissa Marr is touring this year to promote her new book Fragile Eternity. Melissa has posted her tour schedule on her blog and you can check it out here.
Come and support one of the most amazing authors out there. Check and see if she will be in your area.

Melissa Marr, Author of Novels
Wicked Lovely
Ink Exchange
Love is Hell anthology
Fragile Eternity April 21,2009


  1. I <3 Melissa Marr!

    Not only is she amazingly talented, but in my opinion, she's also one of the nicest people in the business. I'm trying to follow her lead by being as nice and approachable as possible. She's the best kind of example.

  2. Am saddened that she's not stopping in CA this time (although she talked about kepler's in her blog). Just finished Fragile Eternity and found it hard to put down. Loved it. Yes, she is one of the nicest writers I've met and an incredibly talented writer.

  3. She is amazing. I am going to RWA in DC this year so I will have my chance to see her. She will also be at the Library of Congress with Kelley excited.


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