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I love to read, I wouldn't be here if I didn't, but what I also love to do is meet those authors that have enriched my world due to the amazing stories they have written. I have been very lucky in meeting most of those authors that I have adored, part of that luck is due to the area that I live in and the other is the spectacular book stores that I frequent. I have to admit sometimes I will travel a great distance to meet an author that I particularly like. I feel that book signings are a great opportunity to support author's you enjoy and you get to know more about the book, story and characters that you have come to admire.

So...I decided to start this post to give those that are interested a "heads up" on author tours that are coming up in 2009. If anyone has any other information to add, let me know and I will add it to the list :)
P.C. and Kristen Cast
House of Night Series
HUNTED book #5
Book Signing Tours click

This summer, teens will have the opportunity
to interact with five enchanting authors
with our Supernatural Summer promotion.
5 authors will hit 5 cities to promote their new books.
Click HERE for more info
Events will be recorded and promoted online!

Chicago, Cincinnati, Dayton
Melissa Marr (Fragile Eternity)
Kim Harrison (Once Dead, Twice Shy)
Kelley Armstrong (The Awakening)

Portland & Seattle
Aprilynne Pike (Wings)
Claudia Gray (Stargazer)
Kim Harrison
Kelley Armstrong

Cassandra Clare and the City of Glass book tour
Launch party and book signing information
Other book signings posted
HERE and on her website HERE
Attending dressed in character is encouraged :)

Torrance, CA signing with Lisa McMann HERE

Laurie Halse Anderson will be at Kepler's March 22, 2009. More information HERE


  1. Wanted to add that Laurie Halse Anderson will be at Kepler's March 22
    And I wish the Harper authors were traveling to the Bay Area. The supernatural summer tour looks amazing.

  2. Ohh drat! *smacks head* I knew I was missing something. I went to her website to find a link, but nothing was posted for a current tour, not even the Kepler event. I will add your event :)

  3. wooohooo! is excited for you...and of course extraordinarily jealous of your advance copies!

    how do you do it? ancient chinese secret? would you have to kill me if you told me? O.O


    hope all is well with you! miss chatting with you!


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